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Assemble Household Steel Sideboard and Dining Room Cupboard Metal Bedroom Storage Cabinet
Assemble Household Steel Sideboard and Dining Room Cupboard Metal Bedroom Storage Cabinet

Brand: Yuan Qi

Model: YQ-J-012

Color: Customized   

Material : Cold Rolled Steel

Structure: Knocking Down  

Dimension:H820W400D400mm (feet 150mm


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About This Item

·        Out-of-sight storage: Want knick-knacks away from sight? With our classic sideboard, you can keep it a clean look in your living room/kitchen/bedroom. With its adjustable shelves , you can make full use of the door enclosed space inside the cabinet. With the open area on top, you can make varying decorations with your favorite flower pots, antiques, candle holders, handicrafts and more to accent the entire room in many different ways.

·        Standard fitting measurements: sideboard is capable of a maximum load capacity up to 40kg. Improper use such as standing or sitting on the top is not allowed for safety concerns. By and large, it measures 400mm in width, 400mm in depth and 820mm in height. Measure your intended place and see if these fit. A little bit heavy only due to the solid materials we apply.

·        Worry-free assembly: We have an easy-to-read assembly instruction manual attached to each package of this wall cabinet. You can get an equivalent digital manual as well via the QR code there. In addition, our customer service team will assist you with your inquiries about the installation and stuff. Kindly note that besides our backups you might still want to have more hands with the assembly for work efficiency.

Product Information

1.Fencing side panels let in more air and light for your storage.

2.Adjustable shelf: Inside this buffet cabinet is two height-adjustable storage shelf. With such a shelf, you can manage to make the top storage space high within a range from. The adjustment fittings come along in the package for your convenience. Follow the instruction manual, you'll find it easy to adjust the shelf to your variable needs.

3.Versatile applications: This multipurpose home cupboard is suitable for both large and small space. Whether it is for sofa side or against the wall in your living room, kitchen or bedroom, it can be a good piece of budget-friendly home storage furniture. Stacked vertically with two units or flat with one lined along another, this sideboard model is made to serve you well with more storage options.

4. it features side panels with enough ventilation for the stored items. Easy open doors, two adjustable shelf, minimalist construction lines, standard fitting measurements, multipurpose applications, easy assembly !

5.FEATURES: 1) Movable layer plate, the using space can be adjusted freely. 2) Rubber protective foot pad, good protection of floor or carpet. 3) Alloy handle. easy to open and close 4) Mute door sticker to reduce noise 5)spring door shaft, easy to assemble 6)Magnetic door suction, closing the door closer

6. Material: 1)This cabinet is made of high-grade cold rolled steel with 0.6mm thickness, this kind of rolled steel which is kind of an anti-corrosion, sun-resistant, moisture-proof, rust-proof material. It has a strong bearing capacity with a glossy and smooth surface, it is really sturdy and durable. 2) The surface coat is made by environment-friendly material and it using electrostatic powder spraying method. it is adapted to make the product odorless, pollution-free and recyclable.

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