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Use laboratory fume hood precautions, these must know!

Time:2020-08-25 10:30:59 author:Luoyang Yuan Qi Trading Co.,Ltd
In chemical laboratory, all kinds of harmful gas, odor, moisture and flammable, explosive and corrosive substances are produced during the experimental operation. In order to protect the safety of users and prevent the pollutants in the experiment from spreading to the laboratory, fume hood should be used near the pollution source. Fan is a kind of driven fluid machinery, which depends on input mechanical energy to improve gas pressure and discharge gas. Fume hood is an essential kind of laboratory furniture. In the laboratory to play the role of ventilation and ventilation, then in the use of what need to pay attention to it? Today, the new Lianhua editor will introduce the precautions of using laboratory fume hood.
Laboratory fume hood
Precautions for using laboratory fume hood:
1. Before using the fume hood, check whether the power supply, water supply and drainage, gas and other switches and pipelines are normal;
2. Turn on the lighting equipment and check whether the light source and the interior of the cabinet are normal;
3. Turn on the exhaust fan and listen for normal operation within 3 minutes;
4. When checking the fume hood according to the above sequence, if there is any problem, please suspend the use immediately and inform the maintenance unit to deal with it;
5. Before the fume hood is shut down, the exhaust fan should continue to run for several minutes to completely eliminate the exhaust gas in the cabinet;
6. After using the fume hood, wipe the inside and outside of the cabinet, and close all switches and windows;
7. When the fume hood is not used in the laboratory, it should be ventilated frequently, which is beneficial to the health of the test personnel;
8. When the fume hood is in use, make-up air for 10 minutes every 2 hours (i.e. open windows for ventilation). If the use time is more than 5 hours, the windows should be opened to avoid negative pressure in the room;
9. It is forbidden to do experiments in the fume hood when the fume hood is not opened;
10. It is forbidden to put your head into the fume hood to operate or check during the experiment;
11. It is forbidden to store or test inflammable and explosive materials in the fume hood;
12. It is forbidden to put the mobile plug-in line or wire in the fume hood;
13. It is forbidden to do the experiment of mixing organic substances and high chlorinated substances which are prohibited by the state in the fume hood;
14. It is forbidden to put the tested substance in the fume hood without safety. Once the chemical substance splashes out, the power supply should be cut off immediately;
15. When moving up and down the window, you should move it slowly and gently, so as not to crush the door handle;
16. During the experiment, the window should be 100-150 mm away from the table;
17. The operation area of the fume hood shall be kept smooth, and the stacking of articles around the fume hood shall be avoided;
18. When the operator does not use the fume hood, avoid storing too many test equipment or chemical substances on the top of the fume hood, and long-term stacking is prohibited.
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