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Precautions for installation of steel movable cabinet

Time:2020-09-02 11:28:05 author:Luoyang Yuan Qi Trading Co.,Ltd

  The steel movable cabinet is a kind of movable cabinet produced by using cold-rolled steel plate as the production material. This type of cabinet is generally small, easy to move, and has a small area to meet the storage needs of customers. It is generally used in office Places, when in use, because it is small and can be easily placed under the desk for employee storage, most companies now choose to buy steel movable cabinets, but it should be noted that the general cabinets are needed after they are bought back. Can be used after installation, so how to install it? What are the precautions for installation?

  1. Pre-factory installation refers to the process of assembling and packing the drawer locks by the manufacturer when the production of the components of the movable cabinet is completed. Drawer installation is very complicated and requires professional technicians to complete.

  2. Therefore, during the installation process, it is important to pay attention to the size of the gap between the drawers to be properly unified, whether the drawers are drawn smoothly, and whether the noise level meets the product requirements.

  3. The installation of locks involves lock bars, because steel movable cabinets generally have one or more drawers, and only one lock is provided. Please pay attention to the position of the lock bars during the installation process, so that some drawers cannot be locked. , Or the lock cannot be opened, you must perform repeated tests to confirm the quality.

  4. In addition, pay attention to the inventory of the accessories after the main body is installed, so that the subsequent installation work can proceed smoothly. It mainly includes livelock keys, stationery boxes, drawer dividers, bottom wheels and screws for fixing bottom wheels.

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