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Analysis of the advantages of using plastic spray technology in the production of steel lockers

Time:2020-09-02 11:29:26 author:Luoyang Yuan Qi Trading Co.,Ltd

  1. No solvent reduces the impact

  In the process of paint production and transportation, the volatilization of solvents will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere or water, and it is easier to bring physical effects to the operators. The powder coating used in the spray molding process does not contain any solvents, and is a 100% solid powder coating. Its manufacturing, transportation, storage and construction solve the pollution problem caused by solvents and improve the working conditions of the operators. , Which is beneficial to the health of operators.

  2. Simplify the coating process to improve coating efficiency

  When using the paint process to paint, it needs to go through more than ten to twenty processes such as spraying primer, scraping putty, water milling, spraying paint, spraying varnish, and so on. . However, the spray coating process only requires three steps of spraying, curing and cooling to form a film at one time. The painting process is greatly simplified, the production cycle is shortened, and products can be produced on the same day. In the electrostatic coating of powder coatings, automatic coating machinery and recycling systems can be configured to form automated production, thereby saving energy and resources and improving production efficiency.

  3. The powder coating has a high utilization rate and can be recycled and reused

  Compared with paint, powder coating can be directly applied to the surface of the object to be coated, and form a coating film after baking and curing, and the uncoated powder can be recycled into the powder supply system for use, thereby greatly reducing the amount of coating For the loss during construction, the utilization rate of powder coatings is about 95% or more. Except for the loss of all the solvents from volatilization, the unpainted paint is difficult to recycle, so the actual utilization rate of the general paint is about 50%.

  4. The powder coating film has good performance and durability

  Powder coatings can use resins that are insoluble in solvents at room temperature, or polymer resins that are not easily soluble and cannot be liquefied to prepare high-performance coating films with various functions. In addition, when the powder coating is prepared or formed into a film, no solvent is added or released, and no pinholes penetrating the coating film are generated, so the coating film is more dense. Compared with paint coating, powder coating is more durable.

  5. One-time painting can be realized

  The powder coating can get a 50~300μm thick film in one application, and it is not easy to cause dripping or stagnation during thick paint coating, no solvent pinholes, no defects in thick film coating, and corner coverage It is also very high, so it can be easily painted at one time.

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