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Steel Cabinet Price Increase Notice

Time:2020-12-14 16:28:15 author:Luoyang Yuan Qi Trading Co.,Ltd
The price of steel has risen sharply. A big factor is that the price of iron ore has risen sharply. The China Iron and Steel Industry Association has repeatedly voiced that the price of iron ore is rising too wildly, and it is hoped that supervision will intervene. On December 10, the China Iron and Steel Association conducted a video inquiry with the Australian mining giant BHP Billiton to communicate about the recent rapid increase in iron ore prices. Not only iron ore, but thermal coal quickly broke the highest record since its listing. Coking coal, coke and other varieties have also reached the second highest price in history, only one step away from the highest price in history. Because the price of steel has risen wildly, the price of filing cabinets also needs to be adjusted upward according to the price of raw materials. In December 2020, the company’s offer can only be valid for three days. Thank you for your understanding!
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